At Sourdough we live by our Vision, Mission and Culture. We are looking to add to our team individuals who live by the same set of values that have made us successful for 121 years.

1) Teamwork

I will work and collaborate with all members of the Sourdough Express/Transfer team in a cooperative manner in order to achieve our shared goals. I know it is the skills of each team member that makes us successful, therefore I will treat each team member with respect. I will do all of this unselfishly in order to help create a great team.

2) Honesty

I always speak the truth. I will always do what I say I am going to do. I will clear up any misunderstandings as soon as I know about them. I understand right from wrong and I practice doing right in everything I do. I know that trustworthy actions set the foundation for successful relationships with our team and our customers.

3) Responsible

I am self-motivated and will take control over my duties at work and at home. I am self-disciplined and will make sure to perform my duties in a manner beneficial to both my team and Sourdough. I am accountable for my job duties and all of my actions. I will take control over them in order to meet my commitments and work requirements.

4) Respect

I always treat others like I want to be treated. I know each person on our team has an important role in making Sourdough successful. I always listen fully before reacting. I will not say anything about someone that I wouldn’t say in front of them.

5) Communication

I am always respectful when communicating with others. I am the first to let our customers and fellow team members know if plans have changed or expectations are not going to be met. I am clear and precise in the information I am sharing. I always respond to my emails or phone messages timely to let the other person know I have received the message. When it is a question, I respond with the answer or let them know I am working on getting the answer. I understand how important listening is to communicate well.

6) Ownership

I accept that I am responsible for my actions and the outcomes that they produce. I care about the effects my actions have on the workplace. I am committed to performing in a manner that is beneficial to the success of this company. I am passionate about what I do and the achievements that will come out of it.

7) Courage

I will take smart risks and make tough decisions for the advancement of Sourdough. I will question actions that I see or hear that are inconsistent with our values and our goals and will speak up even if it may seem uncomfortable.

8) Ambition

I have a strong desire, determination, and will to work hard while accomplishing the tasks and job duties needed to bring success to my team and Sourdough. I carry this drive, determination, and hard work into my personal life.

9) Innovation

I am always looking for ways to be more productive and efficient in all areas of my job duties and the tasks assigned to me. I accept it is my responsibility to look at these areas for improvement and not rest on the excuse, “This is how it has always been done.” I look beyond just treating symptoms and instead focus on finding solutions when needed to keep our team, and Sourdough, successful. I am all about constant never-ending improvement.

10) Accountability

I understand that I am responsible for my job duties. I will be on time and ready to carry out the duties assigned to me when my shift starts. I will accomplish them within the time needed. I will not point blame and/or make excuses for any part of my assigned duties. In all of this, I will bring success not only to my team, but also Sourdough and myself.

11) Competence

I have the skills and ability to successfully carry out the tasks or duties assigned to me. I am continually focused on improving my skill sets in order to better perform my job duties and tasks thoroughly, efficiently, and timely.

12) Achievement

I am detailed in my job and personal responsibilities. I have the skills and courage and I always put forth the effort to complete the tasks assigned to me in the time required to bring success to Sourdough and myself.

13) Balance

I always prioritize what is needed of me to complete my tasks or obligations. This allows me to spend quality time in each area of my life, with my full attention devoted to the area I am in whether they are physical, social, spiritual, familial, or financial.